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What We Offer

What we offer.

in the TV style

Professional information and promotion material for a website, for meetings with contractors or for conferences.

Argument for

Why say the same thing many times? Standardize communication with the market. Order a professional TV presentation from us and use it many times. Let the recording earn for you.

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What We Offer

Television on-line conference.

Professional implementation of the conference in our TV studio or in any space. Recorded or broadcast live by professional servers. Possibility to connect in "two sides" with participants.

Argument for

No pandemic, legal or geographic restrictions in contact with recipients. Constant and direct contact with customers, suppliers or stakeholders.

What we offer.

Production of TV-style training courses.

Comprehensive production of audiovisual training courses on any subject with the use of television and multimedia techniques. 

Argument for

Not everyone who has knowledge can convey it in an interesting way. Boring training is a thing of the past. For the training to be effective, both its content and form - modern and professional, which we offer - are important.

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What We Offer

Film and TV channel
your company

Based on our solutions, you can have your own regular news feed. You will present issues important for your market in it.

Argument for

The pandemic opened people to use other forms of promotion than conferences and fairs. With us, you can start implementation immediately. You don't focus on technical matters. You prepare the content, enter the studio and record. We do the rest.


I support entrepreneurs.

Robert Gonera.

Our "I support entrepreneurs" campaign has been joined by the well-known actor Robert Gonera who, subject to his availability, will take part in the presentation of your company.

What We Offer

Film and TV service
your company

We provide constant film and television service for your company.

Argument for

We understand the needs of production and service companies (see about us). We will be more your partner than supplier. This means that we will help you achieve your goal. Our business experience is included in the package. 


What We Offer

Modern film and television technologies for your company.

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online event,
Virtual Reality

take advantage of digital communication technologies

Our Possibilities Are Endless....
...while the budget is always limited :)


  • Czy oferujecie gotowy do pokazania publiczności materiał czy tylko usługę nagrania?
    Oferujemy gotowy do publicznego odtworzenia material telewizyjny. Jeżeli klient sobie życzy, możemy ograniczyć się jedynie do nagrania.
  • Czy macie jakieś próbki, w których można zobaczyć efekt końcowy?"
    Tak, oczywiście. Próbki można zobaczyć w dziale "oferta".
  • Czy mogę wstawiać własne slajdy lub filmy do swojego wystąpienia?
    Tak! Przygotowane przez nas scenografie (do wyboru) przewidują możliwośc wstawiania własnych materiałów podczas nagrania (prezentacje, filmy). Przyklady aktualnych wzorców studia dostępne są w sekcji "oferta".
  • Czy scenografia studia jest fizyczna czy wirtualna?
    Scenografia, na tle której nagrywamy materiał jest w większości wirtualna poza niektórymi elementemi wyposażenia takimi jak meble.
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