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Take the Voucher

Apply via the form today.

We invite you to the unique action of JCM studio.

We are very happy because we have just equipped our studio with new devices. We also have a multi-camera mobil set - a studio for live broadcasting. Therefore, we are giving out service vouchers. See details below.

Explanation of the action "Take the Voucher".

Step # 1

See modern communication methods that we help to implement. 

Get to know our offer and see how  we can support the activities of various areas of your company.   See details.

Step # 2

If you see potential for yourself - fill out the form.

If you anticipate that you may need any of our products this year, please fill out the form. This is not an order! This is just information that you may need us this year. Based on it, we will prepare an unique offer for you.

Step # 3

After registration, you will receive an unique offer and the Voucher.

We will present you an unique promotional offer. The voucher is a ticket that allows you to purchase our services throughout the year 2022, on the terms proposed in the offer. You make your commitment only when you sign the order. The voucher is not an order. So you have no obligations.

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Dziękujemy za zgłoszenie!

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