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Who we are

Movie and TV experience.

We started our profession in the 1990s. We realized film (commercials, war story) and TV projects (programs). 

Everyone in our team has invaluable experience gained through many years of practice. 


We understand the industry and its needs.

We understand the issues important for the industry, therefore we know how to navigate in topics related to production and process management. This is important, especially if we participate in your project in terms of content, e.g. in the production of your training courses or in the media service of the company. 

We have been cooperating with OEMs and suppliers of the automotive, aviation and railway industries for years. 


Industry customers.

We have worked under the previous brands for car manufacturers, suppliers of modules, components and parts (seat systems, steering systems, engines, gearboxes) and service providers.


Clients from other industries.

Advertising agencies, TV stations (TVP, TV4, TVN, Polsat, Canal +), film companies, radio stations, FMCG, chemical, electronic, mining (copper mining), household appliances, universities, services and products in the area of quality, Industry 4.0, engineering, financial and many other services. 

Key values

based on facts

we act on the basis of facts, not images


nothing can replace practice, and we have a lot of that.


If we take up a challenge, it is with full commitment.

  • Usprawnianie marketingu i komunikacji z rynkiem; 
    Prezentacje w stylu telewizyjnym; 
    wystąpienia publiczne i praca z kamerą


Entrepreneur since 1995, creator, independent television and film producer (over 100 hours of TV programs and films), journalist, director. Experienced organizer of large film sets and mass events as well as own conferences, fairs and training courses for the automotive, aviation and railway industries.


Head of the Project 

Entrepreneur, he has been working in the television and film industry for over 20 years. Experienced production organizer, television technician, format creator, vision engineer, broadcast manager (16,000 broadcasting hours),  
producer of television educational shows for children and teenagers.


Chief Executive Producer

Actor, creative producer, creator, screenwriter, announcer, graduated from the Andrzej Wajda Master School. He has nearly 100 film and television roles under his belt. He is a tourist plane pilot. He supports our business with his experience.


Business Projects' Partner

Manager with experience in managing projects at the intersection of industry and education. Entrepreneur and lecturer, with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of VR, AR and IT technologies. Project manager responsible for the implementation of selected projects and structures for the development of our studio's own products.
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Project Manager

Since 2008, he has been associated with the film and television industry. Broadcast technician, camera operator, sound engineer. For years, he worked on the sets of series, films, live broadcasts and music videos. In recent years, he has been implementing the vision of live events. 


Broadcast Engineer

Implementer of vision, studio technician with experience in electricity and electronics. He handles studio equipment and software. Responsible for streaming, live production, cameras, preparation of the set and virtual objects.


Studio Technician

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