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Our offer for companies.

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Don't wait
until others overtake you.

take advantage of digital communication technologies 

See the video. 

Oferta zobacz film

in the TV style. 

TV-style presentation of the company, product, service. 

See suggestions for ready-to-use scenery patterns. Choose the one that best meets your needs. If you don't find anything for yourself - we will make scenery on request.

Products standardized according to a developed pattern.

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Conferences, virtual events. 

JCMstudio konferencja wirtualny event online

at the customer

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Conferences, events and online training.

Professional event productions with or without live broadcast, in a TV studio or at your premises, in a virtual scenography or in a natural arrangement. Use TV technologies to implement your ventures.


Production of professional educational materials.




Production of training and educational materials.

Comprehensive production of audiovisual training courses on any subject with the use of television and multimedia techniques.
Our competences and experience will certainly make the training more attractive with its form.


Public speaking, 
work with the camera.




Public speaking and working with a camera - practical skills workshops.

Don't believe the "hand holding" trick will solve the case. We don't teach you how to hold your hands or "hide behind tricks". We teach how to use natural features to feel at ease. A large number of practical classes,  to which theory is an appendix.

business Man

Your company television channel.

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studio &


Kobieta z czarnym Kurtka

Own TV channel of

your company. 

Based on our solutions, you can have your own regular news feed. You will present issues important for your market in it. You don't need to know TV. You don't focus on technical matters. Concentrate on the content and we'll do the rest. With us, you can start implementation immediately.

Nowoczesny wystrój wnętrz

Film and TV service 
for your company


transmission & event recording


Film and television service for your company

Come out of the information shadow. Bet on communication with the market. If you don't do it now, your competitors will do it tomorrow , then it will be harder for you. We understand the needs of production and service companies.  Let us be the partners in your information development. You can start right away with us.


Film production on request.

Any type of production.

From educational films, through promotional and advertising films, to feature films. 

What We Offer

Modern film technologies and  television for your company.

Do you need something else? 
We can support you in implementing your idea. 


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