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Wzory scenografii

studio no.5 (host Robert Gonera)


I support entrepreneurs.

Robert Gonera.

Our "I support entrepreneurs" campaign has been joined by the well-known actor Robert Gonera who will take part in the presentation of your company.

studio no.4 (in talk show style)


Studio No. 4
is designed for small conversations, interviews and discussions on topics important to your company.

studio no.3 (conference, debate, presentation)


Studio No. 3  

it has three zones: the central zone with a screen, the left zone with a screen enabling discussion, and the right zone with a screen, where a detailed presentation of data can be carried out.

studio no.2 (product and data presentation)


Studio No. 2  

created for the presentation of the company, product or project. It is suitable for both general and data-intensive presentations. The screens may display presentations, graphics, movies, data.

studio no.1 (product and data presentation)