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Limited quantity and time

Don't wait
until others overtake you.

Gold special no.1.

promocja prezent dla nowego klienta

Gift for
a new client.

Order your first product called
"TV-style presentation", 
and get a 50% discount on the second such product.

It applies to each of the sets presented in our offer, but without the leader.  You will receive the gift by placing an order by the end of February 2022.

Golden special  no 2.


product to  premium studio.

Order a premium studio 
with Robert Gonera as the host 
and you will receive an additional TV-style presentation at the price.

It concerns studio No. 5 in our offer, with Robert Gonera as the host. Offer valid for the order  submitted by the end of February 2022 with implementation in the first half of 2022

reklama JCM-prtscr-02b.jpg
your dreams...
carry us forward...

R. Pietrzyk

Visit us regularly.

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